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Crucial support for your complex agricultural needs

At Paragon, we’re determined to listen, learn, and go above and beyond what’s expected from an agricultural staffing agency. We come in where you leave off, answer all of your questions, or lead a project to get it off the ground. And when you’re successful, we know we’ve done our job well.


Compliance and certifications. Staffing and seeding. The ag industry is complex. Partner with Paragon to get the people, the equipment, and the training you need to get the job done.

Commitment to Compliance: The Paragon Difference

No cutting corners here. With every client and every project, we’re committed to quality and compliance, beyond just meeting deadlines.

Our People

We’re consistently available and prepared because we know that ag needs are time-sensitive. We work to attract, train, and retain a reliable workforce who can be there when you call. Every Paragon staff member is there to help you calm the chaos and complete your project.

Our Approach

A true partner for you, Paragon is communicative and humble. We’re here to help complete your project and fulfill your needs. Our success stems from a staff that feels valued in the context of a community that’s impacted by our dedication to doing the right thing.